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marriage. ugh.

My homepage this morning shared with me the breaking news that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have separated. I’m not devastated about this in any form or fashion, but it … Continue reading

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victory over the grave.

Today is a good day. Even if things go downhill from here after 1:23pmET, it is still a good day. Because today is my 3 year Happy No-ReLo Anniversary Day. … Continue reading

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my breakthrough.

There’s nothing like a full-blown panic attack. Except maybe a heart attack. But if you’re a panic attack survivor, you’d swear – at least the first time it happens – … Continue reading

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Cub Scouts, gays, my son, and me.

It’s been a heckuva month. At long last, my son shall be enrolling in Cub Scouts, but it wasn’t a decision taken lightly, and I am worn after the effort. … Continue reading

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princeton seminary, 2006

  About this time ten years ago, my first husband and I packed up our first apartment to move 700 miles south to our first home, kicking off our careers … Continue reading

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Dear David

This message was given on Sunday, April 10, 2016 at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, TN. This is a compilation/consolidation of a correspondence spanning a three-year period and … Continue reading

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oh, the humanity.

  I need more humanity in my life. By this I mean, I need more of the world around me to have an awareness of the condition of being human. … Continue reading

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